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Casa Vacanze Sardegna - FAQ

How do I pay?

The reservation is done by paying a deposit of 30%. The balance must be paid in cash upon arrival

Have i a receipt after payment?

Once we receive the transfer, we will 'send by email an invoice with the amount paid and the amount still to be paid

How much is the final cleaning?

The final cleaning has a fixed price of 60 euros

Can I cancel my booking?

The right of withdrawal may be exercised within 10 days of booking, with full refund of the deposit, after which time the deposit will be retained

How to get to the apartment that I have chosen?

Each apartment has a meeting place, where our team is waiting for the client to accompany him to the structure. To learn how to reach the meeting place, simply click on the link "Meeting point", located on the website under the apartment.
If you click on it, it appears a menu from which you choose your starting point, the arrival point is already determined.

How can I rent during high season?

High season the months of July and August. During these months we rent only per month, or 1-15, 16-31.

Are animals allowed ? How much they pay?

Where they are accepted the cost is 5 euros per day.

Are electricity and gas counted separately?

Where there is air conditioning the electricity\\\' and gas are counted separately. The count is calculated directly from the consumption meter.

How?can I book a holiday with your site?



 You can do everything from website:

- Identify the holiday home or apartment and look at the online availability.
- Send an email request, and within 24 hours one of our staff will reply confirming your reservation or giving the required information.

  Reservation request:

· To Confirm the availability you need to send a reservation request specifying your data (or group members of the family, special requests, period of stay)

• In the time we get your booking request in writing, we reserve the house for 48 h

 - Confirm your reservation:

 to complete the booking you must pay within 48 h after a deposit of 30% of the total price of the lease. You can pay by bank transfer.

• when you paid, you must give us written confirmation of the payment of 30%, sent by mail or fax the transfer receipt

At this point the house is booked in your name

 After booking:

• The balance shall be paid upon arrival in the apartment choice.

· Together we will make arrangements for your arrival (turn-key, your name and phone receptionist, where to meet ,...). An employee will give you arrive home in time to be decided, if possible a few days before arrival.

You have right to cancel  the booking within 10 days from booking,  according to the law, you can have the return of\' whole deposit. The past 10 days in case of cancellation the deposit is fully retained.